Parish precept 2018-2019  


Within the Council Tax for Milton Keynes, each Parish needs to set an amount that it requires for its local purposes.  This is known as the Parish Precept. 


For 2018-19 the Parish Council has agreed that it is reasonable for the precept to cover the following items of expenditure:

·    Parish Clerk wages

·    Parish expenses (which includes items such as the dog bins and mowing around the War Memorial)

·    Pavilion groundworks (mainly mowing costs)

·    Pavilion improvements (contribution towards)


 Altogether this comes to an estimated cost of £20,475 but we have decided to retain the precept at last year’s level, i.e. £14,500.  


The running costs of the Pavilion are covered by fees charged to users. It was agreed that for 2018/19 a 3% increase would be applied to all hire fees.


We continue to keep an eye on costs to ensure that we are receiving good value for money from any contractors and using the cheapest possible energy providers.  We also hope that there might be people in the village who would be willing to do some work voluntarily on Pavilion improvements and village amenities helping to keep costs down and for this we are most grateful.

Greensand Country Landscape Partnership

posted 22 Jun 2017, 06:24 by Parish Clerk

BRCC is the accountable body for the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership. They have gained funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver a Landscape Partnership programme and an array of exciting projects which will help us raise awareness of the heritage value of the Greensand Country and to reverse the gradual decline in the distinct landscape character of this beautiful and loved place.

The Heritage Lottery Fund awarded us this funding in January 2017.  The programme will run until June 2021. For full details please see the following link

Police and Crime Plan 2017 - 2021

posted 17 May 2017, 06:33 by Parish Clerk

The full plan can be found on the PCC website here and a short summary of the plan; it’s broad strategic priorities and how it  has been developed is below. 

Police and Crime Plan 2017 - 2021

This new Plan consists of five broad strategic priorities which are:

1.    Vulnerability – Managing demand on services through working together with a particular focus on mental health, elder abuse, hidden abuse, and the criminal justice experience for victims of domestic and sexual abuse

2.    Prevention and Early Intervention – Improving safeguarding in both the physical space and virtual space including tackling cyber crime, road safety, peer on peer abuse, hate crime and female genital mutilation (FGM)

3.    Reducing Re-offending – Targeting and managing harm and risk with a focus on substance misuse, violence involving weapons and offender management including perpetrators of domestic abuse

4.    Serious Organised Crime and Terrorism – Improving the local response including increased public awareness, promoting a ‘dare to share’ culture, and preventing violent extremism and the exploitation of vulnerable people.

5.    Police Ethics and Reform – Increasing the pace of change with a focus on improved support for victims, accelerated uptake of new technology, and improving the perceptions of police among young people

Milton Keynes Waste Recovery Site

posted 2 May 2017, 09:00 by Parish Clerk

Please see attached file for the latest newsletter

Policies & Procedures

posted 1 Apr 2015, 05:15 by Parish Clerk   [ updated 17 Jun 2018, 07:22 ]

Please find below the policies and procedures for Bow Brickhill Parish Council. They include:
  • Complaints Procedure
  • Freedom of Information Act Policy
  • Data Protection & Information Security Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Retention Policy

CCTV at the Pavilion

posted 27 Feb 2015, 06:45 by Parish Clerk

The Pavilion has been fitted with external CCTV which has been installed for maintaining the security of the premises and for preventing and investigating crime. Please see attached Bow Brickhill Parish Council's CCTV Policy. 

MK Council Helpline Contact Numbers

posted 10 Nov 2014, 04:27 by Parish Clerk   [ updated 10 Nov 2014, 04:28 ]

Matters can be reported direct to Milton Keynes Council on the following numbers -
Highways team - for roads, highways and pavements please contact 01908 252353
Environmental health - please contact 01908 252570

Bulky Waste Collection

posted 18 Feb 2014, 04:35 by Parish Clerk

You can now book a bulky waste collection online via MK Councils website. They collect up to five items for the price of one so make the most of your collection. For more than 15 items, fixtures and fittings, building materials or garden waste please call our Environmental Services Contact Centre on 01908 252570 to arrange for a quote. Alternatively you can take all large items to one of our three Community Recycling Centres, open seven days a week (except on Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Day) from8am - 5pm October to March and 8am - 8pm April to September. Book a collection online at
Or call the Environmental Services Contact Centre on 01908 252570.

Milton Keynes Council - Welfare Reforms

posted 22 Jan 2014, 04:10 by Parish Clerk

Do you need extra help? - Please see the attached

Discover the Marston Vale Line

posted 26 Mar 2013, 06:59 by Parish Clerk   [ updated 26 Mar 2013, 07:00 ]

Bedford - Bletchley by rail, the scenic route.
The Marston Vale Line between Bedford and Bletchley offers an opportunity to view some wonderful countryside at your leisure and there is planty of history along the way.
Please see attached flyer for further information.


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