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Parking in the Village

Visitors to the village - Please use the car park located at The Pavilion, Rushmere Close.

Please note the barrier to the car park will be open at the following times - Monday - Friday 7am - 9pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am - 9pm. Please note these are the latest times the barrier will be opened and earliest closed - When the Pavilion is hired outside of these times the barrier will be closed after the event


As you will be aware, we recently asked for residents views on how they would like to see the accumulated funds spent. The results have now been published and you will be able to find a copy under the 'Accounts' heading. As you will see the clear winner was for entrance signs to the village.

Broadband Issues - Bow Brickhill

Bow Brickhill Broadband - At the Parish Council meeting held 11th February representatives from BT and Milton Keynes Council attended to discuss the issues surrounding getting a fast broadband service to the section of the village that does not already have this service. The next stage of the BT/MKC roll out is to be decided in the next couple of months and it is at this stage unknown if Bow Brickhill will be included in this, but even if it is, it is unlikely that funds would be available to proceed until after 2019.

The Parish Council meeting was also attended by two village representatives who have set up the Bow Brickhill Community Broadband Group. They have put together the a proposal for affordable broadband for all and have undertaken an initial feasibility study for an alternative solutions that leapfrogs the current mainstream providers and provides a high-speed, low costs and locally owned solution. 

In order to gauge public opinion on this proposal, the Parish Council would be grateful if you could look through the documentation and provide your feedback to the Parish Clerk as to whether this community proposal is an option that you would like to consider being involved in. Once we have received your comments, the Parish Council can then consider their next steps to hopefully solve the lack of fast speed broadband in the lower half of the village. 
NB The proposal document can be found under 'News' on the link on this page

November 2016 - Update regarding Warwicknet enabling Cabinet 73.

BT reported to MKC that vey few of the circuits would get fast Broadband of speeds above 24Mg, a number would possibly get a slower service over VDSL of around 15Mg but the majority would only qualify for ADSL (as they have at present). Warwicknet have the slight advantage that they use VDSL2 Vectoring which adds a bit of a performance increase, so for example near the cabinet where BT can only deliver 76Mbit/s they can provide 100Mbit/s, so hopefully they can go a little higher.

BBPC were also told that no ISP would offer a fast broadband service at speeds lower than 15Mg - It comes as very good news that Warwicknet can offer VDSL2 using 2 pairs to double the speed. Warwicknet can do bonded, but it should be noted that this is effectively 2 lines, 2 sets of line rental, so more cost! 

As we know the speed is determined by the line losses and you can get a good indication of these by the geographical distance to the cabinet Warwicknet were asked have any actual line loss tests been done on the circuits? Warwicknet confirmed that unfortunately they cannot do any tests prior to actually going live and getting the first customer signed up, they see big differences depending on the grade of copper on the route, and cannot do any benchmarks until they are live. They have advised they would probably look to get a test residential 'guinea pig' hooked up as soon as they are live to understand what they can do in the area.

BBPC asked how will the service be offered to those premises that are connected to the cabinet, which Warwicknet have advised will be via their existing phone line, Warwicknet will novate the service from their existing provider. 

Warwicknet were asked will the existing cabinet (and copper cabling) remain, to which they have confirmed Yes  and thy have advised that a new cabinet will be installed alongside the existing cabinet.

Warwicknet have advised that Openreach will still maintain the copper cabling. Warwicknet will be offering a full service and acting as the ISP.

Warwicknet were asked can customers use other ISP's to which they advised, not currently, but they will have a wholesale proposition sometime in the future. 

Warwicknet were asked what services will be offered, to which they confirmed they have a range of services upto 100Mbit/s, however given the distance its likely to be only their lower end products that they are able to offer.

Warwicknet were asked what will the appoximate costs be to which they advised that their business grade service is £60+VAT per month. and residential grade service is £30+VAT per month.

Warwicknet were asked when will it be available to which they advised that the worst case (because it's when they have to have the phase finished) - is June 2017, however they should come in before that, there is an outside chance that they might bump MK up the queue and bring it in a bit sooner.


ANGLIAN WATER CONTACT DETAILS (Sewage Issues Church Road) - Please contact 0800 145145 you can also use 0800 771881 or 03457 145145.

Please follow the link provided for further information. Information will be updated during the process.

The next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council is to be held on Thursday 14th September 2017, 7.30pm at The Pavilion, Rushmere Close. An agenda will appear under "agendas and minutes" at least four days before the meeting and will also be posted on the village notice board. A list of Parish Council meetings for the current year can be found under the "Events" heading.

Under the "News" heading you will find information on the Parish Precept (i.e. local Council Tax) for 2017/18.




Bow Brickhill Parish Council in the Milton Keynes Authority take responsibility for various aspects of village upkeep such as grass cutting, upkeep and hiring of Bow Brickhill Pavilion and Playing Fields. The council also represent residents opinions to Milton Keynes Council on matters of concern such as traffic issues and planning applications. In 2009 the council set up a Parish Plan group and use the outcomes of this to guide plans and priorities for the village.

Funding for Parish Councils comes from a precept (tax) which is included in Milton Keynes council tax. The precept in Bow Brickhill has remained at the same amount for several years and is equivalent to approximately £1 per week per household.

Bow Brickhill Parish Council has been in existence for over a century. Extracts from historic minutes can be found on the Bow Brickhill village website:

More about the life, history and events of Bow Brickhill village can be found at



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